The SAFR facial recognition platform

SAFR is a highly accurate, machine learning facial recognition platform, architected to economically scale with high performance and rapid processing to detect and match millions of faces in real time.

SAFR is distinguished from other facial recognition platforms by accuracy, performance, and flexibility.

Watch the webinar: The SAFR Platform

Reza Rassool, CTO of RealNetworks discusses how the SAFR platform delivers dependable, industrial-grade facial recognition for a range of real-world use cases

Air date: October 11, 2018

“The architectural design of SAFR takes a novel approach to facial recognition at scale. This makes SAFR commercially viable for a wider range of practical real-world applications.”

David Sobeski, former chief technology officer, and senior vice president, Walt Disney Company.

Proven accuracy

Dependable accuracy and performance are central to any viable recognition solution. Latency, false positives, and questionable results render a system unusable. The algorithms powering the SAFR platform were tested by NIST and contrasted with over eighty other algorithms submitted by companies and institutions from around the world. SAFR achieved an enviable level of accuracy and performance that squarely established its position in a best-in-class category. The superior accuracy and performance achieved by SAFR was the result of a greater diversity in the data set and the use of only real faces (vs. simulated faces) to train the algorithm.


Proven Accuracy


Flexible architecture

SAFR is built for the real world where different environments, policies, hardware systems, and applications necessitate different requirements. SAFR is architected to be flexible. SAFR can be deployed on premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both. It can be installed on Mac, Windows, or Linux machines. The platform can extend to mobile devices via the SAFR mobile app running on MacOS or Android. These mobile devices can be configured as kiosks for people to register into the system for a specific use case. They can also be configured as a secure access point which can recognize a registered individual and unlock a door.

The full range of SAFR capabilities are available to build custom applications, integrate into existing systems, connect hardware and iOT devices, create custom actions based on recognition events, or to export data for insights and reports.

Developers and system integrators can build customer solutions with the SAFR RESTful API’s which provide access to an array of functions, events, metadata, and configuration settings.

SAFR Platform components

SAFR Application

The SAFR Application is used to add and configure cameras, monitor feeds, get alerts, and view activity. It is also used to update and manage the identity database. The SAFR Application can be installed on additional laptops or desktops to allow administration and monitoring anywhere, anytime.

SAFR Server

The SAFR Server is the heart of the platform. The Server is comprised of multiple components includes the facial recognition server, identity database, recognition event server, event archive, remote video feed administration server, and object server.

SAFR Actions

SAFR Actions is used to create and manage actions based on event triggers. Actions are written in Python and can be deployed for wide range of IFTTT scenarios. Actions can unlock a door, turn on a light, send an alert, record data for reporting, or any number of actions depending on the use case.

SAFR was designed to connect, adapt, and extend to different environments, specialized applications, existing hardware, or custom integrations. Secure access, door lock activation, biometric entry control, event and venue monitoring, school safety, digital signage, camera integration, retail insights, and physical space analytics are just some of the use cases where SAFR can add real value.

SAFR Platform in use

Secure Access

Wherever access control is required SAFR can allow staff, employees, or guests to identify themselves with just their face. At home, at work, in a shared space, stadium, or venue. A recognized face can unlock a door and register a visit. Secure access is a popular use case for the SAFR platform.

Event & Venue Monitoring

Monitoring a large crowd is challenging and requires alert and capable staff. SAFR can augment any monitoring environment. It can help locate a lost child. It can alert security when a known threat or unwelcome guest is identified. VIPs can be recognized and offered priority queues or promotional premiums. Security and convenience are primary benefits of the SAFR platform solution.

Insights & Analytics

Physical world analytics are a powerful, passive application for the SAFR platform. By utilizing existing cameras systems, SAFR can generate reports for a retail store, event venue, stadiums, or any place where real-world insights can help with scheduling, traffic flow, staffing, signage and merchandising.

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