Real-time automated surveillance

Manual video feed monitoring is inefficient and ineffective. Most surveillance video is never watched, and even less contains necessary footage for responding to security events. Use AI to automate monitoring and alerts — ensuring you never miss a person of interest and freeing up your security teams to do more.

Benefits to automating watchlist monitoring

Register known security threats and opted-in staff and VIPs to improve customer experience, quickly identify emerging security incidents, prevent loss, and gather actionable insights.

Automated Recognition

Automate Recognition of Known Persons

Matches faces appearing on live video feeds in real-time with 98.87% accuracy so registered individuals are always spotted despite challenging real-world conditions. More accurate and faster than manual monitoring.

27/7 Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring, Centralized Knowledge Bank

Provides a central knowledge bank of known faces and monitoring activity that’s always up to date. Consistent across distributed locations, simple to update to ensure records are correct, and easy to search to perform post-event analysis.

Real-time Alerts

Custom Real-Time Alerts & Notifications

Get instant notifications when persons of interest are spotted. Customize notifications and alarms based on a variety of detection or recognition events and program automated security response workflows and SMS and email notifications.

SAFR helps security personnel stay engaged, alert, and focused by minimizing:

  • Alarm fatigue
  • Distraction
  • Tedium
  • Staffing gaps
  • False positives
  • False negatives
  • Misidentification
  • Bottlenecks at secure access points
  • Tailgating & piggybacking

Security monitoring with SAFR: Fact sheet

See it in action


Smart City, Safer City

Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Deployment Type: Public Safety
Use Cases: Surveillance, Watchlist Monitoring, Analytics

In partnership with Digifort, SAFR helped reduce crime by 60% in this popular tourist town by automating recognition from the Civil Police watchlist of registered criminals. Read more5


Get started

SAFR is flexible and can be deployed as a standalone solution for Windows or iOS, or integrated with many leading video management systems. Easily deploy via SDKs or supported cameras running SAFR Inside, where SAFR is pre-installed directly on the camera, eliminating server needs.

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