Case Studies

SAFR is helping safeguard people and spaces around the world. Read more about a few of our live deployments.


Keeping Sports Fans Safe

Location: Budapest, Hungary
Deployment Type: High-attendance sporting event
Use Cases: COVID-19 transmission prevention, anonymous video analytics

IG2K’s Parsifal IoT platform helped 15,000 fans safely attend a major football event — the UEFA Super Cup Final — during a pandemic, with the help of SAFR’s anonymous mask detection. Read More5

SAFR UEFA Case Study


Smart City, Safer City

Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Deployment Type: Public Safety
Use Cases: Surveillance, Watchlist Monitoring, Analytics

In partnership with Digifort, SAFR helped reduce crime by 60% in this popular tourist town by automating recognition from the Civil Police watchlist of registered criminals. Read More5



Safety and Convenience

Location: Seattle, WA
Deployment Type: School
Use Cases: Secure Access, Watchlist Monitoring

SAFR provides opted-in parents and teachers touchless, secure access to the St. Therese campus via face recognition kiosks. In addition to streamlining entry for approved individuals, SAFR also alerts school personnel to any adults who should not be there. With 40% of the school’s staff — and the majority of parents and students — identifying as people of color, SAFR’s low bias rate was key to its selection. Read More5

St. Therese Case Study

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