COVID-19 response features

SAFR can detect and recognize masked faces with high accuracy so you never miss a registered face — enabling touchless face-based secure access, even when masks are worn.

SAFR’s COVID-19 response features enable new virus prevention use cases and ensure optimal performance is maintained when masks are worn so you can keep employees and customers safe, while reducing the spread of COVID-19.


Face recognition for masked faces


Highly accurate occupancy counting


Mask detection

Mask Detection

95% mask detection rate

Recognition of Masked Faces

98.85% face recognition accuracy for masked faces


Occupancy counting and mask detection dashboard

Contactless Secure Access

Touchless access control, including for masked faces

What you can do with mask detection, recognition with masks, and occupancy counting

  • Maintain high levels of security by recognizing faces appearing on live video even if they are wearing a face mask.
  • Enable touchless face-based secure access without requiring registered individuals remove their PPE to be recognized.
  • Restrict entry at secure access points to allow entry to masked individuals only.
  • Anonymously track compliance with mask mandates — SAFR detects both surgical masks and fabric masks of varying patterns.
  • On supported cameras, trigger audio reminders to be played when a face appears on camera without a mask.
COVID19 Features

COVID-19 features: Fact sheet

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