SAFR® for Security

Exceptionally accurate AI-powered facial recognition that provides a new level of visibility and situational awareness for security professionals.

The SAFR for Security solution

Detect and match millions of faces in real time, even under challenging conditions where faces are in motion, at different angles, under poor lighting conditions, or partially obscured – reducing the number of false alarms and simplifying a security professional’s ability to secure an area with confidence. Learn More

SAFR for Security is available as a standalone solution or integrated with a VMS.

The New Face of VMS

When SAFR for Security is paired with a VMS, the integrated experience can include video overlays, configurable real-time alerts, live analytics, and automatic bookmarks with rich searchable metadata. Learn More

SAFR recognizes security events as they happen, so you can respond immediately.


“The architectural design of SAFR takes a novel approach to facial recognition at scale. This makes SAFR commercially viable for a wider range of practical real-world applications.”

David Sobeski, former CTO and SVP, Walt Disney Company

The SAFR Platform

SAFR for K-12 Schools

Enhance school safety using existing IP-based cameras and readily available hardware. Recognize staff, students, visitors, and threats in real-time using highly accurate facial recognition.

SAFR for K-12 is available for free to individual schools in the United States and Canada.

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