Greater visibility. Greater confidence

Unlock a new level of situational awareness with exceptionally accurate face recognition and additional face- and person-based computer vision features. SAFR delivers actionable insights that protect the health and safety of people everywhere.


AI for a changing world

As the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, SAFR has prioritized new features that leverage computer vision to better prevent transmission.

Mask Detection

Mask detection

Recognition of Masked Faces

Face recognition of masked faces

Occupancy Counting

Occupancy counting

Contactless Secure Access

Contactless secure access


New release: High sensitivity face detector for masked and unmasked faces

SAFR® chosen to provide mask detection, face recognition for G2Ks video analytics platform

CBX Chooses SAFR® from RealNetworks To Enhance Terminal Efficiency

The SAFR platform

SAFR works

The leading face recognition platform for live video performance, SAFR works under challenging real-world conditions. See how customers are using SAFR to enhance security and convenience.

Puskas Arena

SAFR events

UEFA keeps sports fans safe

Praia Grande Image

SAFR cities

Praia Grande reduces crime

St. Therese Case Study

SAFR schools

St. Therese opts in parents

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