SAFR® for Camera-Equipped Devices

Integrate best-in-class face recognition and detection into devices at the edge or entirely offline. Contact us to try SAFR computer vision SDKs and web APIs free for 30 days.

Featured IoT and Edge Solutions

SAFR SDKs offer high-performance computer vision for virtually any camera lens — including devices with resource constraints or those operating entirely offline. Deploying SAFR SDKs onto your camera-equipped device means unlocking a wide array of new capabilities.

Real-Time Situational Awareness for Tactical UAVs and Robots

Deployable directly on EO enabled micro/small/tactical UAVs or robots, SAFR can accurately recognize faces from even thousands of feet away. SAFR facial recognition and object detection adds unprecedented intelligence and situational awareness to unmanned missions.

See how SAFR can add mission-critical real-time intelligence to your UAS/UAV, drone swarm, or ground robot 


Viewer Attention Metrics for Digital Screens

When deployed on a camera mounted on or near an ad screen or embedded in a digital sign, SAFR delivers real-time data indicating who sees your ad and how they react. Analyze traffic patterns, track viewer sentiment and attention, report on dwell times, and more – without collecting any personally identifiable information or performing face recognition.

Use SAFR to make data-driven decisions about ad creative and placement

An Even Smarter Smart Home

Compact enough to be embedded on video doorbells and other indoor/outdoor home-monitoring cameras, SAFR can manage a database of known residents and alert you to the presence of intruders. SAFR has the intelligence to let you know about important activity, while keeping irrelevant notifications to a minimum and unlike other smart home devices doesn’t send any personal data through the cloud.

Test SAFR on your smart home camera now with a 30-day free trial 

Ten Reasons to Choose SAFR SDKs

  1. Best in the world for live video accuracy according to NIST
  2. Lightest model among NIST’s most-accurate
  3. Deploy entirely offline or at the edge
  4. Small footprint, perfect for memory or power-constrained devices
  5. Data is private and secure to protect your customers
  6. Flexible deployment options to easily incorporate into your stack
  7. U.S.-based company with a track-record of innovation
  8. NVIDIA optimized for best-in-class performance and operational efficiency
  9. Predictable pricing model at a fraction of the cost of cloud-based services
  10. Low bias across skin tone and gender

What You Get with SAFR SDKs

The SAFR SDK and SAFR Embedded SDK leverage SAFR’s accurate, fast, compact deep-learning model and Privacy by Design. Many common deployments don’t collect any personally identifiable information (PII).

If facial signatures are collected, all images use AES-256 encryption — in transit or at rest — and when using our completely offline Embedded SDK, data will never be passed over the internet.

List of Features

Face Detection*
Find faces in still images and live/archived video streams even at low resolution, in poor lighting conditions, and while partially occluded.

Face Recognition
Look for known faces — matched from an existing database — in still images and live or archived video streams.

Face Tracking*
Track faces and a growing number of objects as they move through live video streams.

Person Detection*
Differentiate people from other objects in still images and live or archived video streams, even when a person’s face isn’t visible.

Person Characterization*
Estimate age, predict gender, and analyze sentiment for each detected face.

Event Generation and Reporting*
Record events, including timestamps, when a specified person or person type appears on a video stream. Program events to trigger real-time alerts.

Identity Management
Add, delete, or retrieve stored known persons and associated metadata.

SAFR Actions Execution*
Configure alerts and enable powerful custom actions and alarms based on recognition events — unlock a door, turn on lights, sound an alarm, generate reports, notify police, and more.

* These features do not require any personally identifiable information (PII).

Which SDK Is Right for Me?

Want to use the full suite of SAFR features?

Need to perform identity management?

Want the flexibility to deploy on-prem or in the cloud?


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Have a constrained device with low bandwidth, limited power, low memory – or that doesn’t connect to the internet?

Want to keep data from ever passing through the cloud?

SAFR Embedded SDK

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SAFR Embedded SDK

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Technical Specs

Get more technical details about the SAFR SDK and the SAFR Embedded SDK including full feature lists, tech specs, and documentation.

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