Digital identity authentication

SAFR’s SDKs, Web APIs, and mobile app enable face-based identity authentication for remote and in-person workflows. Face authentication ensures the highest security standards with maximum convenience.

Whether identity verification is needed in-person or on a laptop or smartphone for remote authentication, SAFR accurately confirms user identity and prevents fraudulent spoofing attempts. Deploy for payment authentication, online testing identity verification, multi-factor authentication, and more.


Secure payment authentication


Identity authentication for BYOD and custom-developed applications


Convenient identity management

Fake faces

Liveness detection & real-time spoofing attempt alerts

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NTT DOCOMO EasyPass powered by SAFR

Japan’s largest telecommunications company, NTT Docomo, leveraged SAFR’s high-speed, low-latency 5G technologies and SAFR’s fast, accurate face recognition to power EasyPass — an entry/exit management solution that performs identity authentication via mobile devices. With secure data management in DOCOMO’s Open Innovation Cloud, face-based identity verification can safely replace card scanning for use cases from event access to payment verification.

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SAFR enables fast, accurate, efficient identity verification across virtually any device with a camera — including those with bandwidth constraints. SAFR processes video at the edge, extracting the face image for verification and sending to a remote server for verification.

SAFR Embedded SDK

Perfect for constrained devices with low bandwidth, limited power, low memory — or that don’t connect to the internet for completely offline deployment.


Full suite of SAFR features, flexible deployment on-prem or in the cloud, lightweight and running on the edge.

SAFR Mobile App

Register people, view events, and verify identity all from the SAFR mobile app. Or build your own custom app.

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