SAFR for Digifort

An extraordinary facial recognition solution. A familiar VMS interface.

Recognize security events in real time, every time.

Maintaining extreme vigilance over multiple live video feeds is challenging. All too often, security professionals must review recorded footage after the fact, potentially allowing persons of interest to slip through unnoticed. SAFR for Security delivers a prioritized view, highlighting events in real time, so security professionals can follow the action and be ready to respond. With 99.87 percent accuracy under challenging real-world conditions, SAFR provides enhanced visibility in the interface security teams are used to, empowering them to better protect people and valuable assets.

SAFR for Security helps teams stay engaged, alert, and focused by minimizing:

  • Alarm fatigue
  • Distraction
  • Tedium
  • Staffing gaps
  • False positives
  • False negatives
  • Misidentification
  • Bottlenecks at secure access points
  • Tailgating & piggybacking

Key Features

Global Events & Notifications

Know immediately when persons enter or exit monitored areas and customize actions to initiate building lockdowns or any number of security responses based on recognition events.

Automatic Bookmarks

Search timestamped metadata to review security footage — by time range, location, category, person type, or registered individual — for more efficient investigative or forensic work. Create custom bookmarks for common searches.

Sample Deployment

SAFR for Security is compatible with Digifort VMS Version 7.2.1

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