SAFR FOR US Government

Enhance Situational Awareness with SAFR

Increase your visual intelligence with highly accurate, fast, low-bias face recognition and additional video analytics

Government use cases

The SAFR platform offers a robust suite of face and person-based computer vision features to support a variety of use cases. Deployment flexibility means SAFR can run on any IP camera, UAVs/UASs and other constrained devices, or even be embedded in-camera with SAFR Inside.

Watchlist Monitoring

Watchlist Monitoring
Get automated alerts as soon as a person of interest appears on camera. SAFR provides 24/7 vigilance, real-time notifications, and a central knowledge bank of known individuals, including auto enrollment of faces from video feeds.

Secure Access & Unauthorized Person Detection
Ensure only authorized individuals have access to secure areas and detect when unknown persons appear on camera. SAFR enables contactless, face-based secure access at building entrances and other doors and access points. Automated entry control can be customized to offer differing permission levels. 
Secure Access
Match History

Match History and Post-Event Analysis
Use SAFR’s match history to quickly build timelines of activity to better understand when and where individuals of interest appeared leading up to and following an incident.

SAFR Works

NIST and DHS tested, SAFR’s speed, accuracy, and low-bias have been proven in independent testing, a myriad of commercial deployments, and with our first two successful SBIR projects.

Case Study: Safer Cities
Praia Grande Reduces Crime

SAFR from RealNetworks Awarded $1.9M in Phase II Small Business Innovation Research

Press Release: USAF SBIR Contracts
SAFR Awarded $1.9M in Phase II SBIRs

SAFR found to be consistent across racial groups

Blog Post: NIST Bias Test
SAFR found to be consistent across racial groups

98.87% accurate

98.87% accurate

Global Reach

100ms recognition

US company

US company with a 25 year legacy



Commitment to privacy

Flexible deployment

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