UAVs/UGVs with edge AI give tactical teams unprecedented situational awareness

Deploy world-class face recognition from a U.S. company on your devices

SAFR computer vision SDKs bring enhanced situational awareness to military and public safety drones, making intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions safer and more effective. Compact (<25MB) and able to run on-device and entirely offline, SAFR SDKs can be embedded on even the most constrained devices.

Next Gen ISR

  • Instantaneously detect and recognize threats across large swaths of territory. 
  • Get on-board, real-time insights or perform forensic analysis on streamed or archived data.

Autonomous UAV/UAS/UGV

  • Operate beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) to enhance awareness and protect forces.
  • Accurately identify or count occupants before clearing or entering buildings.

Public Safety

  • Operate in unsafe or inaccessible terrain or buildings during emergency response missions.
  • Detect survivors and recognize missing persons.
  • Deploy on police bodycams.

99.87% accurate recognition in the wild

Ability to recognize faces from 1 KM away

Ability to recognize with as few as 50px per face

Recognition at up to
45° pitch

Support for low-res
reference images

Auto-upgrades to higher-quality reference images

Detect and report
occluded faces

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Proven Face Recognition Results Under Real-World Conditions

To be useful in real-world deployments, computer vision products must be accurate under real-world conditions. SAFR’s face recognition algorithm has the highest effective accuracy for live video, as measured by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

SAFR’s core algorithm was trained on a globally diverse data set of real faces in the wild — rather than visa or passport images — contributing to SAFR’s competitively low bias and superior accuracy for live video.

Sometimes you get just one look. With SAFR, one look is enough, regardless of variance in pose and lighting.

SAFR Features Help You Do More

  • Get a positive ID on known POI
  • Confirm unique person counts
  • Monitor/track known individuals and returning strangers
  • Report on occluded faces
SAFR Ad Analytics

SAFR SDK Features

  • Face detection
  • Face recognition
  • Person detection
  • Identity/watchlist management
  • Common object detection and tracking
  • Custom object detection and tracking (available upon request)


Deploy on a military/public safety UAV, drone swarm, or ground robot — SAFR is compact, secure, and optimized for NVIDIA GPUs. Learn more about our core AI model and SDK offerings.

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