SAFR Guiding Principles

These principles guide our decisions about how we design, develop, and distribute SAFR.


  1. Value Both Customers and the Public. Our customers are the organizations that deploy SAFR. We consider their interests and the interests of those seen by SAFR in all we do. We advocate for the interests of both our customers and the public.
  2. Recognize the Inherent Dignity and Equal Worth of Every Person; Ceaselessly Reduce Bias. All facial recognition platforms exhibit bias. SAFR already ranks as one of the least biased in the world, but we will not stop improving until SAFR detects, characterizes, verifies, and recognizes people of different skin tones, genders, or ages with equal accuracy. We do not train SAFR to recognize race.
  3. Earn Trust and Keep Trust. We submit SAFR for independent performance evaluation, communicate its strengths and limitations, and guide customers’ choices about how to deploy it. We help our customers safeguard user information as if it were our own, using bank-level encryption.
  4. Make it Simple to Protect Privacy. We incorporate privacy tools into SAFR by design so that it’s easy for our customers to protect user data, and enable users to opt-in, opt-out, and be forgotten. Our terms require customers to comply with all applicable privacy laws; we encourage practices beyond the legal minimum.
  5. Sell to Trustworthy Customers. We take all reasonable steps to ensure SAFR is not sold to customers that will use SAFR to violate individuals’ right to life, liberty and security of person without due process or just legal mandate.