SAFR for Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising

Smarter DOOH ad metrics powered by computer vision

Measure attention and sentiment scores, viewed impressions, dwell times, and more.


What If You Could See What Your Ad Sees?

Advertisers across all channels rely on accurate data for optimizing ad campaigns and getting the most out of their ad spend. SAFR provides the truth metrics necessary to accurately evaluate ad placement and creative performance for traditionally hard-to-measure out-of-home advertising campaigns.

How SAFR Ad Measurement Works

Compact and flexible, SAFR SDKs can be deployed directly on digital screens with embedded lenses, or on a standalone camera mounted on or near your out-of-home ad. SAFR SDKs offer feature-rich computer vision capabilities, and SAFR’s core machine learning algorithm is both fast and highly accurate. This combination of speed and accuracy makes SAFR uniquely optimized for live-video deployments.

What this means for you? Accurate, real-time reports on who actually sees your digital screen or ad, and how they respond — helping you better understand your audience and confidently make ROI-boosting decisions for DOOH ad campaigns.

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SAFR SDK Features

  • Face detection 
  • Person detection
  • Age estimation
  • Gaze tracking
  • Sentiment analysis

No facial recognition is performed and no personally identifiable information (PII) is ever collected. Learn more about our commitment to privacy.

Grow Impressions, Boost Conversions

Location, demographic, and attention data from SAFR can add value for digital screen manufacturers, content aggregators, and advertisers. Metrics powered by computer vision can help optimize screen placement, improve ad inventory sell-through, maximize and track the value of ad placements, and target key audiences with creative that resonates. 

Do More with SAFR

  • Zero-in on peak attention times for your screen, or test ad creative options by comparing attention and sentiment scores.
  • Capture more accurate impression data to track how many people actually viewed your ad.
  • Use traffic patterns and dwell time data to optimize ad length and frequency of ad repetitions.

SAFR is always improving. Tell us which metrics you care about.

SAFR Ad Analytics

Available Metrics

  • Total viewed impressions for a screen
  • Average attention score for a screen
  • Average sentiment for a screen
  • Viewer age analysis
  • Dwell time
  • Timestamped average sentiment over ad duration
  • Timestamped average attention score over ad duration

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