The First Computer Vision Access Control Device Built for Broad Market Adoption

Platinum – Access Control Biometry Category

Access Control, Biometrics

Mask Detection

Mobile enrollment

Recognition of Masked Faces

Detection with a mask



Occupancy Counting

Works outdoors

Contactless Secure Access



Versatile Applications – Indoors and Outdoors

A highly accurate touchless biometrics solution that is much more secure, reliable, and accurate than keycard-based access credentialing systems, SAFR SCAN is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors in harsh lighting and challenging environments.

Touchless, Fast Throughput

Designed as a standalone networked solution, SAFR SCAN provides SMB and enterprise level users with uncompromised biometrics features and performance at an affordable price point. Its fast, frictionless throughput can authenticate up to 30 individuals per minute, making it ideal for high volume applications in office building lobbies, professional offices, secured employee entrances and more.   

Fully Encrypted Data  

To ensure personal privacy, all enrolled and scanned biometric data is fully encrypted and does not contain any visual imagery of individuals’ faces. This helps to ensure that individuals identities are protected, avoiding any liability issues related to new and emerging privacy protection mandates.

Anti-Spoofing Technology

For added physical security, SAFR SCAN features anti-spoofing technology employing 3D structured light and RGB to best ensure the liveliness of the individual being authenticated.

SAFR SCAN is made in the U.S.A, and is NDAA and TAA compliant