Face-based secure access from SAFR

Boost security and enhance user experience with contactless face-based authentication

Unlock doors with just your face. Touchless, fast and frictionless, auditable, and more secure than physical authentication methods that can be lost, misused, or stolen, face-based secure access offers optimal security and user convenience.

SAFR from RealNetworks is optimized for real-world performance with 98.85% recognition accuracy for masked faces and newly expanded passive and collaborative liveness to detect spoofing attempts from faces on paper and digital devices. Additional capabilities — including support for dual factor authentication (card + face) and real-time alerts when spoofing attempts are detected — enable flexible deployment and give security professionals the information they need to respond immediately to attempts to gain unauthorized access.


Can be integrated with existing access control platforms

Recognition of Masked Faces

Mask detection to ensure policy conformance

Fake faces

Liveness detection & real-time spoofing alerts


Highly-accurate recognition for masked faces


Improved visibility into tailgating attempts

Advantages of face-based secure access over other methods

While there are many options for authentication at secure access points, face recognition offers advantages many other technologies do not.

SAFR_Secure_Access_WhitepaperLearn more about how face-based authentication is disrupting the secure access industry in our white paper covering operational, techno-commercial, ethical, and additional benefits.


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