New partnership enables AI-Powered Intelligent 360 Degree Video at the Edge


SEATTLE – December 17th, 2019 – SAFR from RealNetworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: RNWK), today announced the deployment of its computer vision technology on the Katai, BlueJay 360° intelligent video system. BlueJay’s advanced optics are built for AI and edge processing. When coupled with SAFR technology, the system can analyze video to intelligently steer camera focus and zoom on meeting participants in real time. Viewers receive a produced stream that follows participants like a virtual cameraman with minimal latency and unmatched performance. Katai is currently testing the BlueJay 360 system for a variety of market applications including video conferencing, retail, and smart cities.

In the video conferencing segment, BlueJay provides advanced features for Zoom, Microsoft’s Skype, Blue Jeans, and others. With the integration of SAFR in the Katai system, developers now have a platform to build compelling features for video conferencing such as user tracking, counting, auto zoom, auto framing, auto registration, and more.

“SAFR’s world-class AI provides extraordinary performance and responsiveness. We’re excited to leverage the SAFR SDKs to unlock a much-improved experience for our customers. This is the ideal solution to power our intelligent 360 degree video offering,” said Perry LaForge, Executive Chairman, Katai.

SAFR’s computer vision technology is optimized for embedded systems and edge computing, achieving an unprecedented blend of accuracy, speed, and efficient size. Newly available SAFR SDKs—offering fully operational AI-based face and person detection, characterization, and recognition for live video streams—enable near real-time AI-based computer vision on virtually any camera-equipped device, making this collaboration with Katai possible. SAFR SDKs can be deployed online with minimal bandwidth demands or embedded on-device to operate entirely offline with a computationally compact footprint, minimal memory requirements, ensuring user data privacy and best-in-class total cost of ownership.

“SAFR is primarily known as a facial recognition platform, but we’re offering a broader suite of capabilities in our effort to bring live video based intelligence to the edge. This deployment with Katai uses no personal identifiable information and solely uses person detection and tracking to create a completely secure, truly differentiated video-conferencing experience,” said Dan Grimm, General Manager, SAFR from RealNetworks.

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