RealNetworks, Inc. (headquarters: Seattle, Washington, USA; Chairman and CEO: Robert Glaser) and Net One Partners Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Takuya Tanaka) signed a strategic partnership agreement enabling Net One Partners to develop, market, and commercially distribute AI-based SAFR platform solutions that extend RealNetworks’ best-of-class accurate facial recognition technologies to new market verticals in the Japanese market for the first time.

SAFR, developed by RealNetworks, is a highly accurate facial recognition platform optimized for real world faces that readily integrates with ICT infrastructure, such as IP cameras and servers. SAFR adapts to and extends the utility of numerous applications. Operating with high performance, even in bandwidth constrained environments, SAFR readily scales to support thousands of cameras and millions of faces.

Net One Partners will provide SAFR to leading ICT infrastructure providers who develop applications for specific industries. The extensive network of companies supported by Net One Partners will amplify and add further value to SAFR’s facial recognition capabilities.

Diverse Usage Scenarios

SAFR’s highly accurate facial recognition technology can be applied to a wide variety of usage scenarios, such as substituting a face for a badge to grant automatic door access. SAFR supports multifactor entry and exit management, combining facial recognition with other methods of authentication, such as smiling, or AprilTag sent to a mobile device and identified by SAFR to secure commercial infrastructure, such as hotels and retail space. SAFR improves secure access with the simultaneous convenience and efficiency of identifying individuals, from VIP customers and guests to unknown people. SAFR also supports demographic analytics, estimating gender, age, and sentiment, enabling real-time promotional marketing informed by purchasing behaviors.

Machine Learning World-Class Accuracy

SAFR has a 99.8% accuracy rating based on the University of Massachusetts’ LFW (Labeled Faces in the Wild) test *1. In June of 2018 NIST (United States National Institute of Standards and Technology) ranked RealNetworks’ SAFR algorithm as the most accurate for “Faces in the Wild” of any US company *2. NIST test results demonstrated that the SAFR platform excels at identifying faces at various scale; in live video; in challenging real-world conditions—such  as people in motion, occluded, with makeup, or under dim lighting; and with yaw, tilt, and rotation.

Readily Adapts to Off-The-Shelf Hardware and IP Cameras

SAFR is broadly compatible with multi-vendor products, IP cameras, and ICT technologies. It also supports smart devices and PC cameras. The SAFR client is designed to run on Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux and massively scales from local on-premise deployments to cloud operations. The SAFR SDK and rich set of APIs provide extensive interoperability.

Privacy Consideration
All facial images and facial signatures are protected through encryption. Facial information is stored in either the cloud or locally on premises. Local storage can ensure that no facial information is ever transmitted over the internet, providing an additional level of security.

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Features of Net One Partners’ Physical Security Solution

Net One Partners provides a consistent physical security solution by combining IP cameras, surveillance cameras, video management software (VMS), server, storage, and network virtualization software with multiple vendors. Net One Partners has also constructed a large-scale system using hundreds of IP cameras. By incorporating highly accurate face authentication through SAFR from RealNetworks, Net One Partners will greatly expand the range of applications and market solutions, strengthening the competitiveness of partner companies who have teamed with Net One Partners.

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Comments from Both Companies
RealNetworks, Inc. Asia Pacific Vice President Noriaki Takamura

“The futuristic technology of biometric authentication through facial recognition will soon find applicability in a wide variety of environments and locales. Personal authentication using facial recognition enables a new class of applications that replace key cards, badges, and fobs, allowing physical or digital entry through facial identity. I believe that the applications for facial recognition are unlimited, and can contribute to the improvement of social productivity and the creation of a safe society. I am very pleased that RealNetworks has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Net One Partners, who has renowned familiarity with the Japanese IT market.”

Takuya Tanaka President and Representative Director, Net One Partners Co., Ltd.

“The face authentication function of RealNetworks’ SAFR is highly accurate and open, it has a very high affinity with our multi-vendor solution and can create great added value. The face authentication market in Japan is nascent. We will contribute to the expansion of SAFR by application and vertical market with partner companies to drive social acceptance and demand for face authentication, which is expected to increase exponentially.”

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*2: Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT)


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