Fight COVID-19 with AI

In addition to traditional security threats, businesses and community gathering places now have a new foe to contend with — COVID-19. But just as real-time video analytics can help security professionals more efficiently and consistently spot bad actors, AI can help you track and enforce compliance with virus prevention measures and automatically alert you to dangerous situations. 

SAFR’s high-performance computer vision platform now includes a suite of features specifically designed to help businesses get back to work safely.

Mask Detection

95% mask detection rate

Recognition of Masked Faces

98.85% face recognition accuracy for masked faces


Occupancy counting & mask detection dashboard

Contactless Secure Access

Touchless access control for masked faces


Ensuring a safe shopping and working environment

As businesses balance the need to provide jobs and serve their communities with the need to protect workers and customers from the spread of COVID-19, adherence to common sense virus transmission measures can mean healthier communities and businesses that remain open.

Where: Retail stores, shopping malls, restaurants

Features: Mask detection, occupancy counting, live dashboards

How: SAFR is deployed on existing security cameras at store entrances and exits

Benefits: SAFR recognizes whether somebody entering the store is properly masked and triggers a real-time audio alert and/or notification to security personnel if somebody enters without proper PPE. SAFR tracks the number of people who have entered/exited providing real-time occupancy counts to ensure the store never exceeds maximum capacity. Dashboards tracking mask usage and occupancy trends give valuable data for improving operational efficiency and COVID-19 prevention.

Results: Shoppers feel safer knowing COVID-19 prevention measures are taken seriously. Staff are freed up from manual monitoring and policy enforcement at entrances.

SAFR Ensuring a Safe Shopping and Working Environment

High performance computer vision

SAFR is highly-accurate, fast, low-bias face- and person-based computer vision that works — in real-time.

Global Reach

Recognition in  <100ms

98.87% accurate

99.87% accurate

Live video

Optimized for live video deployments

Live video


US company

U.S. company with a global presence

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