Recognize high-rollers and high risks with equal confidence

High-performance facial recognition prevents loss, upgrades the customer experience, and delivers new insights

Biometrics for gaming security helps deliver immediate VIP enhancements

Enhance the VIP experience

Recognize your most valuable players the moment they set foot on your property and upgrade their experience throughout their visit. SAFR provides real-time data that you can utilize to maintain high-quality customer service during a VIP’s entire stay. Use AI to keep guests playing, improve the VIP experience, encourage repeat visits from first time players, and build automated loyalty programs.

Respond faster to persons of interest

Slow response times to events caught on security feeds can translate to big losses. SAFR can identify advantage players, cheats, self-excluded players, and known criminals before they have a chance to do harm. SAFR’s proven live video performance ensures accurate identification even in poor lighting, or while faces are partially obscured or wearing a disguise. SAFR integrates with your current video surveillance and communication systems to better-equip your entire security team for faster response times.

Identify persons of interest in sensitive security areas with live video facial recognition
Security software for casinos delivers demographic data, dwell times and traffic flows

Live analytics: Know more now

Gather data you’ll actually use to improve your entire operation — from staffing and casino design, to marketing and event planning. Set custom alerts to help you optimize staffing and enhance guests’ experience in real-time, or notify security or operations staff when something is amiss. SAFR offers crowd demographics, dwell times, traffic flows, attendance data, and more.

Computer vision helps you see more

SAFR brings better visibility, greater situational awareness, and deeper insight to the entire gaming operation. A comprehensive, actionable view of who’s visiting your casino and what they do while on-site allows you to balance commerce and compliance to maximize profits. Leverage AI to quickly and easily perform complex forensic analysis on recorded video to uncover visitor trends.

Facial recognition for gaming security delivers visibility and insight toward higher profitability

The premier facial recognition platform for live video meets the demands of facial recognition for gaming security with:

  • 99.87% Accuracy 
  • Recognition in under 100ms
  • Live Video Optimization
  • Deployment Flexibility
  • Low-TCO Scalability
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • VMS Integration
SAFR facial recognition for casinos delivers 99.87% accuracy

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