Recognize high-rollers and high risks with equal confidence

Deep-learning facial recognition upgrades the customer experience and delivers new insights

Biometrics for gaming security helps deliver immediate VIP enhancements

Enhance the VIP experience

Recognize special guests the moment they set foot on the property to create a seamless experience that pampers and delights. SAFR’s deep-learning facial recognition for gaming security helps maintain high-quality customer service during a VIP’s entire stay. With 99.87% accuracy in under 100ms, automate loyalty benefits and preset favorite perks to deliver immediate upgrades at every turn.

Respond faster to persons of interest to reduce risk

Slow response times in live video can translate to big losses. The sooner you can identify a person of interest or a known bad actor, the faster you can respond. Whether refusing entry or keeping sensitive areas secure, live video facial recognition delivers a whole new level of immediate visibility that transforms a watchlist into a live-action list.

Identify persons of interest in sensitive security areas with live video facial recognition
Security software for casinos delivers demographic data, dwell times and traffic flows

Live analytics: Know more now

Maintain awareness of the comings and goings of your staff, vendors, and guests to provide insights that help you act in the moment. SAFR’s live video facial recognition tracks attendance in real time to prevent false clocking and offers comprehensive reporting to provide essential data points for policies, protocol, and planning. Get crowd demographics, dwell times, and traffic flows to further optimize merchandising and floor layout.

Better biometrics help you see the floor as a path to profitability

Putting a smarter lens on the big picture with leading computer vision biometrics for gaming security brings better visibility, greater situational awareness, and deeper insight toward a more successful and profitable operation. By leveraging your existing security investment, AI enhancements are within reach and ready for action.

Facial recognition for gaming security delivers visibility and insight toward higher profitability

The premier facial recognition platform for live video meets the demands of facial recognition for gaming security with:

  • 99.87% Accuracy 
  • Recognition in under 100ms
  • Live Video Optimization
  • Deployment Flexibility
  • Low-TCO Scalability
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • VMS Integration
SAFR facial recognition for casinos delivers 99.87% accuracy

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