Expand the security perimeter from the parking garage to the runway

High-performance facial recognition delivers value beyond video surveillance

Aviation security is mission critical for passengers and staff

Fortify safety and security

Augment existing aviation security infrastructure with a new layer of visibility and situational awareness. Facial recognition for airports makes it possible to spot known threats before they enter the building. Efficiently manage watchlists, alert staff to unauthorized persons in secure areas, locate and reconnect lost family members, or automate alerts and notifications for more proactive and responsive security protocols.

Enhance the passenger journey

Delight airline passengers by reducing friction as they move through the airport. Automate entry at VIP parking lots and lounges, personalize signage with custom content, and build loyalty at shops, kiosks, and eateries. Secure, private opt-in biometrics for aviation security can improve customer satisfaction and provide a safe and pleasant journey.

Facial recognition for airports gives passengers more time to relax
Face recognition helps busy secure-access points in airports

Increase operational efficiency

Overcome bottlenecks and get insights so you can improve the flow of people and commerce throughout the airport environment. Streamline the movement of staff and vendors to ensure efficient and timely access. Manage secure-access points more effectively. Computer vision technology is ideal for airports, providing important context to help understand traffic flows, demographics, and behaviors so you can improve services and maximize revenue.

Integrate facial recognition for airports with existing infrastructure

The SAFR platform delivers mission-critical performance with secure and 99.87% accurate facial detection and face recognition you can trust. Instantly detect and match millions of faces in real time, even under challenging conditions. Facial recognition for airports works with existing cameras, VMS, access control, and communications infrastructure common to airports, saving installation time and TCO.

SAFR works with existing airport communications infrastructure

The SAFR Platform is architected to scale with a lower total cost of ownership — so you can do more with less.

  • Fast & Accurate
  • Deployment Neutral
  • Secure & Built for Privacy
  • Distributed & Flexible
  • Actionable & Extensible
SAFR facial recognition for airports delivers 99.87% accuracy

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